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NEW: Italy October 2017

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6Deals is one of the Netherlands’ leading platforms for daily deals, offering special savings up to 85% on their exclusive 24-hour offers.

The team at 6Deals approached us to help grow their email subscriber database with no particular target demographic in mind. The key would be finding the right sources for the best-converting leads.

"Delivery via API is a perfect choice to instantly reach consumers."

Kobi included 6Deals in a Co-sponsorship campaign and began delivering leads by API to their subscriber database. But the partnership doesn’t stop there. Once a month, 6Deals reports back to us which leads they converted. And we track those leads back to the source. It allows us to continuously analyze which channels perform best and fine-tune the sources we use.



Kobi has been able to deliver approximately 15,000 leads per month to 6Deals  since the start of our collaboration.

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