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Frequently asked Questions
What is Lead Generation?


Lead generation is the process of gathering information about potential clients. Identifying clients that opt-in to receive information about your company is vital to maintain a healthy and relevant database.


What can Lead Generation mean for my business?


Lead Generation effectively means that your business data is enriched with information about potential clients. This is important mostly to maintain a competitive advantage and to be able to reach potential customers instantly and directly.


What industries does Lead Generation work best for?


Lead generation works best for B2C industries where high volumes of clients and high quality contacts are needed to sell more products or services. A selection of effective industries can be found on our homepage.


What if my target country is not live yet?


We’re constantly on the lookout for new markets and are on a quest to add new countries to our portfolio each month. If your country is not on the live list yet, chances are that we are in the process of starting up. Either way, do not hesitate to contact our sales managers to see what we can mean for you.

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