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Co-registration is one of the most popular fare comparison sites worldwide. As competition mounts in the online travel market, maintaining this lead is increasingly challenging.

Cheapflights came to Kobi for help acquiring a significant volume of new, highly engaged email subscribers. To ensure interest and boost sales, they require data on detailed interests with the travel category.


"The middle of Month improvements are great to see!"

We created a unique Kobi Co-registration campaign for Cheapflights, which identifies specific sub-interests for every lead — like flights, hotels, cruises and package deals. To maximize the number of leads generated, we monitor sources (email, social media, display ads) and optimize media buys on an ongoing basis.


Cheapflights are adding 15,000 new Kobi-generated leads per month to their contact database — with open rates reaching above 40%. By optimizing our sources, we’ve boosted the quality of the leads we deliver and reduced their cost per active user from our campaign by 75%.

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