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Email vs. Social
Email vs. Social

5 x Email vs. Social Performance

This week we put social media and email marketing in the ring - to see which channel comes out on top when it comes to online selling.


Game on!

Round 1: Effective Sale

Let’s start with the most important round. You can be very busy creating engagement and building a fan base on your Facebook and Twitter pages. But does it deliver you those much-needed page visits?

Social media is great to create awareness. But the direct conversion happens far more frequently with email. Consumers are used to receive promotional messages through email and are more likely to click on the call to action button to do the conversion. 77% of consumers prefer email over social media for permission-based promotional messages. Encourage your followers and fans to subscribe to your email list. Offer free giveaways in exchange for their email address for example. This will help you nurture the leads and get the sales!

Results round 1: Email 1 – Social 0

Round 2: Testing templates

There are countless ways to test your the effective version of your marketing email. With an A/B test you can measure which content and design variation encourage the recipients to follow your call to action. You can also test the length of your text, images, subject lines, dynamic fields, and so on.
With social media advertising, you're stuck with the limitations that the channel has to offer. This can be a maximum number of characters, and there’s a lack of personalization possibilities that will help make your message truly stand out. A/B testing, unless you’re creating social ads, is not really an option at all.
Results round 2: Email 2 – Social 0

Round 3: Personal approach

Because you have the full control over the content you want to post in the email, you can make an email as personal as you want. Thanks to the A/B testing you now know how to make an email interesting for your subscribers and prospects. (data) Recipients deem an email much more personal than a message from the brand page on Facebook or a tweet  - because it is. It’s also a question if the post even appears in the news feed for your fans to see. Numbers as low as 2% visibility for brand pages on news feed have been mentioned.  With email lists you can communicate directly with your audience and build trust by sharing information and updates.

Results round 3: Email 3 – Social 0

Round 4: Community building

Email is perfect for communicating directly with the audience. Opt-in emails make it easy to say that the subscribers are interested in your brand. But to create an all-round brand awareness, you need more touch points to approach your fans and prospects on different ways. There is more space on social media to create content that is not directly targeted on conversion but the more on brand awareness. While there is no direct call to action, it does make consumers feel more connected with the brand through their peers.
Results round 4: Email 3 – Social 1


Round 5: Most used and stable channel

What do Friendster, Myspace and Digg have in common? They all failed. Imagine investing all your time and strategies in building a community, but the channel will die and so did your online reach.

Social media channels might seem stable, but we can’t predict how the social media landscape is going to look like over 5 years. Email on the other hand, has persevered for decades as a channel for daily use, direct communication and consumer preference. With an email list, you own your own database so it will never get lost. And due to opt-in emailing you know who your subscribers are. Imagine how big your email list could be if you transform your fans from your social platforms into subscribers over the coming next 5 years.

Results round 5: Email 4 – Social 1


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