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6 Steps To Turning Cold Calls Into Hot Leads

While an ad, shown to the right person at the right time undoubtedly helps to generate leads, making the sale of your high-value product or service via a cold call will enable you to:

  • Take away any doubt. 
  • Discuss the product or service on offer in depth.
  • Create reports. 



Every marketing activity takes time. You have to think about how to deliver the message and how to build your loyal customer base. Contrary to other marketing efforts, cold calling prompts a direct response. It indicates they willingness of the prospect to listen. When reaching the key decision maker after many attempts, it’s vital to build a meaningful conversation with them that is aimed towards a predefined goal. People buy from people whom they know and feel they can trust.


‘targeting LARGE audienceS is something that cold calling can't give you. However, After getting your leads into your funnel, use cold calling for a successful follow up.’


From call to lead.

Now, you know who you want to call and you know what your goal is. But how? How are you going to reach your prospects? Expecting that using the same message to every contact many times a day isn’t the best strategy. First, get to know your prospect and earn his trust. It might take a while and many voicemails until you are finally able to reach the decision maker. So how are you going to deliver your message?


Here are 6 focus points for making a cold call.


1. Prepare
Make a schedule and get to know your prospects before doing the actual call. When you have no clue who they are, why would they want to trust you? Know when it’s the best time to do a cold call. - Maybe there’s a time difference? Planning an acquisition hour ensures that you can fully focus on your cold calls.

2. Introduction
The average time of interest that your prospect will have is 20 seconds. Don’t waste your own time as well by using a script. Your conversation partner will find it out quickly and will lose his interest. Think about a good opening sentence and use your charms businesswise. Just how you’ve done this when you see a catch in the bar. When you’ve never done it before, maybe these cold calls at work will help you applying this in bars as well. Win-win!  

3. Ask
During a first phone call, it is irrelevant to make hard sales agreements. It is essential to focus on the reaction of your prospect. Ask as many as possible open questions. Your conversation partner will connect faster with your service or product when you let them talk. Make the other party want to work with you. It is a very different purpose and will provide a very different conversation.



4. Goal
When you aren’t focused on closing a deal, you can tell your prospect a lot about your company during a phone call, but that usually fails to actually make concrete arrangements.

Remember: the main purpose of a cold call must be to learn more about the customer.

Do not be tempted to elaborate on any counter arguments or wily attempts of the potential customer to undermine your proposal. Emphasize that you prefer to discuss these details in a meeting. Good to know: the chances of actually winning over a prospect namely increases significantly when you go to the customer for a personal appointment.

5. Friendly
Staying friendly, even when a prospect rejects you, is a must. It sounds logical, but it can be difficult sometimes. It's okay to be disappointed when you get rejected during a call, but it is very important that the person on the other side of the line still gets a good first impression of you. So stay friendly until the end of the call.

6. Close
Now, it all went well and you closed the deal. Do you think you’re already there? The answer is no. You have to be responsible for all relationships that you begin. Especially customers who put great faith in you at the beginning, will expect and appreciate your staying in touch. It is very important to stay involved and informed from now on. But this is not always easy. You should maintain awareness and subtle involvement whenever and however you can. If you follow these steps your cold calls will turn hot guaranteed.



While a medium such as LinkedIn, a channel as emailing and targeted ads sure helps to expand your database, cold calling remains a highly effective sales channel for lead follow-up. Cold calling depends on what you are calling about and who you are calling. How well have you done your research and how accurate is your data? Also, it is not about the numbers of calls you make a day. It’s better to focus on the quality of the calls. A combination of lead generation using calls and emails can be very effective. Give it a try and see how your business will grow.


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