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Managing Leads
Managing Leads

Lead Management And Maximizing Conversion

 1.     Get Qualified Leads.

While our Lead Generation services only supply quality leads, there always is a group that is ready for purchase and one that is more orientating to more options before the actual purchase. It’s important to create ‘lead scores’. This score indicates the likelihood that a lead will convert or take another desirable action, and helps you to adjust your efforts accordingly. There are numerous factors that determine how hot a lead is, including demographic, lead source, and behaviour. Tracking telemarketing results, email opens and actual purchases made help to differentiate between a qualified and a finger-burning hot lead.


2.     Prioritize sales-ready leads.

Once you have categorized and established the level of interest has in your product or service, you can prioritize to follow up on leads that are more actively engaged. You want to put the 25 percent of sales-ready leads at the top of your priority list and capitalize on them while they’re hot. For the 25 percent that probably won’t buy, you should still put some effort in trying to get them to convert, but shouldn’t make them your main focus. The remaining 50 percent, who fall somewhere in the middle, will require nurturing to increase their interest level and hopefully convert into sales.


3.     Quickly contact leads.

It’s important to catch a lead while they’re actually in need of your product or service. Contacting a lead at the right time (the moment they started interacting with you) increases the chance of a qualified lead turning into a hot leads up to 7 times if contacted within the hour. Kobi Digital delivers your opted-in, qualified leads directly via API, so all your leads can be contacted in real time. Don’t wait!


4.     Effectively nurture your leads.

Once a lead that didn’t convert immediately remains in your pipeline, make sure to target the lead with information that truly adds value, or offers that are tailored to their consumer profile. Make sure you inform the lead why they are receiving your information, so they can choose to opt-out or unsubscribe if their interest has ceased.  


5.     Analyse your results.

Make sure that you are able to state with certainty whether a lead is hot or turned cold. Track the open rates of your email marketing efforts, or whether they answer your telemarketing calls. Analysing data will provide with insights into who your best consumer really is or which consumer journeys proves most valuable. Optimize your lead nurturing and follow-up process to prevent wasting time on unqualified leads and increase your conversion rate for a higher ROI.


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