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Telemarketing Leads In An Automated World

For high-value products or services, it’s often desirable to contact your leads directly via a personal telephone conversation. But often the lists are weak, leads don’t know who you are and agents get distracted. However, not everything is lost - it’s just a matter of knowing where to start improving.

To know what way to move your customers through your sales funnel, it’s key to know your sales funnel. Sounds stupid? Not at all. Often, scripts are outdated, the calling structure is unclear or outbound processes are not shaped at all. Or your sales forecasting is plain wrong - all the more reason to have a closer look at that conversion funnel.

When you’re cold calling, sales funnels seem quite boring. Call, get rejected, next. In telemarketing lead generation, the sales funnel gets a whole lot more exciting. Move over boring funnel, welcome… fun funnel. Let’s have a look at how to employ this handy mechanism to work your sales projections through.


The new telemarketing funnel includes:


  • Number of leads
  • Number of calls made out
  • Number people that are reached
  • Number of qualified leads
  • Number of closed leads





First off, have a look at the number of leads. Your leads are the key to the success of your funnel. Rule of thumb here is that the more leads you have, the better. Beware that those leads must be properly targeted.


Calling whole different demographics or lead sources will make the process confusing for your agents and keep them out of their flow. Maybe pop in some differently targeted leads in to keep your team alert and creative. Know that lead conversion rates are not too high for any type of lead generation (somewhere between 2-10%), so make sure you have a deep list of high-value contacts that gives a far better chance for conversion.


Make sure to invest in proper lists. It’s crucial for your outbound marketing success - calling is hard to begin with and having a poor quality list sure doesn’t make it easier. Make sure that the net cast for capturing leads isn’t too wide, and that your lead source is transparent.




Remember that you may be the problem that your list does not convert if you let it lay around for too long. So spend time well doing the research, defining your audience, and coming up with targeted lists that agents can dive into and gain real value from. Make sure to get your new leads delivered via API, and call them as they come in- the longer you wait with your follow up, the harder it will be for your leads to recall your brand.


Moving on. At this part of the conversion funnel, your dialing speed has a huge impact on your conversion rates. The faster you dial, the more calls you can make, and a higher call rate increases your total reach rate and the overall percentage of closes you can make. Keeping an eye on the dialing rate, from minute-to-minute, and across an entire campaign, is an important habit to get into.


  • Do you know how many leads your agents are calling?
  • What does this amount to for every minute hour, day, month and year?
  • Can this keep up with your sales forecasting?
  • How can you improve? 

For example, if you’re still manually dialing, you are bound to call less. The dialing time especially is significant in the case of no answer. And you don’t need to be obsessive with this. With online tools like real-time reporting, you can view this data in an instant. If dialing rates start to lag or never take off, then you can pinpoint what’s slowing them down.


You want to reach at least 15% of your call list - if you can’t get hold of them, you probably are calling on unqualified leads and should seriously check your call list as you simply won’t meet your sales targets. When it comes to qualified leads, your targets can be a lot higher. Aiming for a reach rate of up to 50% for qualified leads is a good benchmark to set. Of the 15% of people you talk to you should expect to convert 3.5% – 5% of those into real sales opportunities.


Dipping below these percentages means that there’s a hiccup somewhere in your funnel which could be some of the factors below, and need immediate sorting out.


  • The lists are wrong
  • The scripts don't work 
  • The call rates are low 
  • There's bad or no follow up
  • The deal-closing technique is scaring people off 


Make sure you hit your targets each step along the sales funnel. If you’re missing it, fix it.



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