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Play with us!
Play with us!

Are you ready to play with us?

Last Friday we had a team outing and what better way to entertain a bunch of competitive players than to go bowling and laser tagging!

We take pride in being the industry leader and the 4th fastest growing tech-company in the Netherlands. We focus on delivering the best leads by being clever about what we do and being curious about how to improve it. 

This objective is strongly visible in our values and culture. We think it is important to create an atmosphere of equality and inclusiveness where everyone feels stimulated and free to express their ideas. We like to challenge each other and create an atmosphere of healthy competitiveness in the office (and outside of it too!)


Because of that last Friday, we opted for two group activities. As a warm up; bowling!


The stakes were high from the beginning. After each round, we got some drinks and some Dutch bitterballen.

The winners made sure they were noticed. ;-) After the warm up, it was time for the real battle!

Kobi Team

As you can see by our faces we were all pretty determined to break the records (and some of us actually did). The divide was of course: sales team against the marketing team! It was quite a tie!

Laser vests on, weapons loaded and go! The sliding doors open and you run into a big dark arena filled with smoke and blasting music which pumps your blood and raises your adrenaline. It' s on! Nobody is safe. Smoke gets worse and worse and you need to rely on your other senses more and more.


Lasers are shooting and you don't know who is your mate and who is your enemy. All you see is red lines shooting across the field glowing strongly in the dark. After 15 minutes of intense battle, we left the hall exhausted but pumped. 


After an activity like that we are ready for a week full of opportunities and challenges. Our team is growing fast and we are continuously looking for new members to join our creative group. The next team member could be you! Kobi is now hiring! 


  • Do you have at least 3 years of experience with front-end and back-end technology?
  • Are you eager to improve existing functionality of our website and create entirely new features?
  • Are you driven by fun, healthy competition, creative ideas and don’t mind an intense battle of laser gaming from time to time?
  • Do you want to be a part of a young dynamic company and appreciate a challenge?


We are looking for a Full Stack Web Developer! Apply here  


We also need creative super heros to boost sales of our lead generation products to B2C businesses locally and internationally. Furthermore, we need creative professionals for our B2B channel to be acquiring new clients and nourishing already existing partnerships. Take a look at our website for all the current vacanies HERE


We offer you a unique chance to directly take on responsibility within a revolutionary and fast growing company. 







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