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Top 3 tips for content and website optimisation

In a world of digital content, what you offer to your clients is extremely important. However, even the most captivating and educational content can be lost in the chaos of a badly designed campaign, website or a platform.


If your domain or ad is not visually pleasing, informative, attention grabbing, simple to navigate and intuitive for the customer, you are out of the business. Luckily, there are creative and simple ways to increase the quality of your content and optimize your websites with your customers in mind.


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Step 1

Conduct in-depth research uncovering the wants and needs of your buyer persona.


This step is crucial in the strategy development as it allows you to optimize the tone, visuals and delivery to the ideal customers for your business. You need to understand what type of interests and more importantly what type of problems is your buyer persona dealing with to meet them with the solution offered by your business.


Step 2



Your current content and domain hold extremely crucial information that will help you optimize for the future.

One of the most important tools that uncovers the potential for improvement are heatmaps like Hotjar or Sumo.

These programs help you find your best opportunities for growth by monitoring the behavior on your platforms across all devices. They visually represent clicks, taps and scrolling behavior to understand what your potential customers are looking for and interacting with on your websites. On top of that you have an option for watching back actual recordings of the behavior of your potential customers on your websites.

A heatmap will illustrate the places that get clicks by lighting them up. You can optimize your website by putting the most important content in places that get most activity. The visual illustration of clicks can also help you understand whether your viewers are finding the content they are looking for easily and quickly. Similarly, the link test uncovers an ocean of possibilities for optimization. It helps you see whether people click on photos or parts of your website that are not hyperlinked and change that to redirect them to the content you want to promote. Heatmap also illustrates the scroll rate and gives you a percentage of readers per each part of your website so you can optimize your content and put the most important information in the area that gets a score above 80%.  


Another very important aspect in optimization strategy is the visual appeal of your campaigns or ads. Programs like AdEspresso or VWO will help you test for visual design, text, delivery, audience or call to action buttons on your ads. They can be delivered through social media platforms or based on your website. They allow for AB testing which is the holy grail of the digital marketing industry. You can run the same campaign with one control variable to establish which one performs better and optimize that one more towards the wants of your customers. Each ad will be split and you will receive separate rankings illustrating their performance per each of them. You can create as many as hundreds of variations although it is recommended to keep it simple and test for one variable at a time. This will illustrate clearly what aspect needs to be changed and which elements are performing the best.


Possibly the most important part of the customer's journey are the landing pages. They can be your "make it or break it". This is the moment where an interested viewer should turn into a conversion. Once the viewer decides to click on your campaign or ad they will get redirected to your landing page. However, if the design is too messy or cluttered, the call to action button is not visible enough and the value proposition is not stated strongly enough, you will lose the chance to turn a viewer into a customer. Programs like Optimizely or Unbounce are the perfect solution for this problem. They offer pre-existing templates and allow for testing different designs, sizes, texts, visuals, photos, videos or any other element you want to use on your landing page. The results section will illustrate the performance of each landing page and point out the mistakes and opportunities for growth.


Step 3



With all this new information, the world is your oyster! Experimenting is the key to success especially in the digital marketing industry. The content needs to be adjusted to the wants and needs of the viewers and the power of data analysis will give you all the needed information for improvement.


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