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LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing

Tips for Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social networking platform for professionals and as of 2018, Statisica reports show it is used by 260 million people worldwide! LinkedIn is important for your marketing strategy because it helps build relationships and has the potential to generate leads. According to recent statistics on LinkedIn, 50% of people said they were more likely to buy from a company they interacted with on LinkedIn, it is responsible for 46% of your website traffic and 43% of marketers said they have at least one customer from LinkedIn! LinkedIn is not a social networking platform you want to neglect so here are some tips for you try out.


Post content that is specifically relevant to LinkedIn, people are looking to develop relationships in the working world and further their careers so keep it professional and interesting. Posts should be helpful or thought compelling rather than salesy and if you are going to post promotional content make sure it can benefit your followers in some way. Always include visuals to go alongside your posts, just like any other social networking platform, people respond better to high quality images and videos than they do to text. Sharing appealing, educational content daily fosters connections and increases engagement. The best time to post on LinkedIn is between 10AM and 1PM but it would be advisable for you to experiment yourself and see which times and what posts work best. 


Get your Employees to link to your Page  

Your employees are ambassadors for your company, they show case the companies talent which is essentially what you are offering. When someone visits an employee’s profile they should immediately be able to learn something about your brand and the services you provide. In order to give this impression, companies should encourage employees to keep their profiles up to date. By showing your employees skills and expertise you are essentially demonstrating the quality of your brand. Forbes asserts that nine out of the top ten brands have about 60% of their employees connected to their page. Employees assist with increasing a brands visibility and highlighting a company’s strengths. It is in a brands best interest for their employees to like and share their content as it is instantly seen by more LinkedIn users.


Sponsor Extraordinary Posts

Sponsored posts allow you to promote your content on the pages of the professionals you want to see it. Content that is directly relevant to your company goals and matches your target audience should be sponsored as they will reach a larger percentage of people that could potentially bring in business. Extraordinary content will vary from business to business but usually ebooks, how to videos, on point articles or spectacular images (for travel brands) are the best posts to consider sponsoring. There are a number of ways you can choose to sponsor this content, you can use direct sponsored content which allows you to personalise your message, test different types of content before it shows on your LinkedIn page and then control what you want to have shown on your page.


Track your Progress

Good content, sponsored posts and connected employees are all effective methods of making sure your material is viewed by the right people, however your posts need to be monitored. If you want to constantly improve your marketing on LinkedIn (and in general) you need to know what happens after you have posted the content, then you can determine what content works, which people are engaging with your brand and how you can market to your target audience better. LinkedIn allows companies to track engagement, reach and data on followers and visitors. There are more analytics available for sponsored posts and ad campaigns, using these tools will help you to share posts that are statistically informed which will help you increase engagement online. 


LinkedIn is predominantly used for B2B marketers and lead generation for which it is an effective platform. However, if that is not what you are looking for and you need someone to do your B2C lead generation then email  to discuss how we can get you the highly targeted responsive telephone or quality email data that you need. Stay tuned for our post next week on AB testing!


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