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Lead Generation
Lead Generation

Simple and Successful Lead Generation Tips

Lead generation is an essential for marketers. In recent years, lead generation has become more advanced with the development of social media, customer relationship management systems and many other instruments that help with lead generation campaigns. In addition to these new technological advances, here are some of the simple steps you can take to make your lead generation strategy a successful one!

Quality or quantity?  

Depending on your company, you will need to choose between quality leads or quantity leads. High quality targeted leads will always be of higher value to a company that has specific needs. For example, companies that sell baby products need to sell to mothers or fathers who have babies, not mothers and fathers who have teenagers. These leads would need to be targeted.  However, companies that sell groceries would require a large amount of leads that do not need to be highly targeted because everyone needs to buy food. Match the strategy to your company’s products and services.


Multi-channel marketing

More exposure means more leads and the best way to do that is by making use of all the different channels you have available to you. Blogging, email marketing, social media, links, call-to-actions and A/B testing are all different techniques that you should be using to increase leads. There are plenty of tools at your disposal, use them all!


Irresistible offer

Create an irresistible offer. This offer should be made up of a good call-to-action, a landing page, a contact form and most importantly, something that will benefit majority of your target audience. The offer can be anything from an e-book to coupons to free consults to gifts. Develop an easy to find call-to-action button that stands out and make sure you have done your research on the campaign with A/B testing.


Track your leads

You need to make sure you have the correct software that can track where your traffic is coming from, how you can increase your return on investment (ROI) and what your ROI is. If you have your own analyst and or software system, then you can track it by yourself but there are plenty of tools like Google Analytics that can help you see where your traffic comes from. Based on this information, you can develop a budget and a better strategy.


Set aside a time for lead generation

You should have a set time where you make calls to potential clients. This can feel like a tedious task because people often reject your calls. However, it is necessary in lead generation and in building lasting relationships with prospective companies. If you are persistent and do your research, these calls can result in a lot more customers.


Nurture leads

Persistence is key, follow up after your call, check in and see if the prospect is still interested via email. Perseverance is the difference between a successful sales person and an unsuccessful sales person. However, keep in mind that being persistent and following up with someone who is not in interested in your service is a waste of your time and theirs so pick your prospects wisely.


Build relationships

Technology cannot replace human connection, and this is why calling, and emailing is still an effective method in lead generation strategies. You need to transcend the sales person and prospect roles in order to build a relationship where you can both benefit one another in the long run. You can change this relationship by adding value to your prospects day, it does not have to have anything to do with what you are selling. For example, send a link about a trend that may be of interest to them or share a tip that has helped you in the past that may be of use to them.


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