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Adding Value
Adding Value

4 Ways to add Value to your Prospects Lives

Having a good service and even better price for that service is only one part of building long standing relationships. Adding value is the other part of the equation, it ensures that your prospects choose to work with your brand and that they continue to do so in the years to come. Long term sales growth and customer retention relies on this tactic of adding value and building trust. To get you started, here are four of the most important things you can do to add value to your prospects (and your clients) lives!

1. Learn about Industry Trends

Asking yourself what your prospects are interested in and what trends they should be following is a sure-fire way to add value to their lives. Being able to answer this question will put you a step ahead of the rest. There are various ways you can do this, one of which is to post informative articles on your company blog. This is an effective strategy because prospects can take what information is pertinent to them and leave what isn’t. Another way is to ensure that sales reps are up to date with this knowledge so when they are in touch with clients they can relay this information on to them. This adds extra value to your prospects day over and above a sales call.


2.     Understand your Prospects Issues

Knowing and understanding your prospects issues ensures that you can strategize a way to try and solve them using your services. However, if you want to know what your prospects problems are, or you want to find out how to improve your company’s services then surveys are a great way to learn. Acquiring honest feedback from prospects and clients allows you to continuously improve the services that you offer. This keeps existing clients on your payroll and ensures that your services are up to scratch for new ones. Using surveys to find out how to keep current clients happy is generally a good way to keep signing up new customers! Survey Monkey is an easy-to-use free tool you can use to create surveys. Another way to find out how to improve your services is to simply ask clients or prospects in your next call or in an email. Once you understand what your prospects problems are — either in general or with your services, you can work on a strategy to improve in these areas. The best way to understand is to ask, ask what their pains are, ask how they solved their existing problems and perhaps this information can also assist other prospects. By improving your services, you are automatically adding value to your prospects lives, firstly by showing that you care about their problems and secondly by offering them a new and improved service or product. Telling prospects that you used to do things one way but in order to better your product or service, you now do it another way, shows them that you are dedicated to providing them with the best.


3.     Know your Product

Knowing your product is a sure way to add value to your prospects lives. In order to close a deal, your prospects need to feel like they are receiving the very best and the only way to prove that is by knowing what you’re talking about. Prospects are more likely to invest in your services when they feel reassured that you know what exactly what it is that you have to offer and having confidence in that service. In demonstrating your expertise in the field, you become a part of the value that the prospect seeks and that they need.


4.     Do your Research and Personalize

Consumers (and clients alike) want to feel that they are special, tailoring content and taking an interest in each prospect and client ensures that they feel important to your business. When clients and prospects feel important they are more likely to decide that they want to purchase your services and continue working with you. Here are some of the ways that you can add value through personalization and research: keeping up to date with their company changes, remembering what your prospect was doing the last time you called and sending follow up emails to confirm what you spoke about or any new information that may be of use to them. You need to have a genuine interest in their lives, in their company (even if it has nothing to do with the service that you can provide), in their successes and in their problems.


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