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How to manage your leads
How to manage your leads

6 steps to an effective lead management system in 2018

 Managing your leads is essential to having a successful conversion rate. If your company is lacking a substantial leads procedure, then this guide should help you establish one!

Job number One: Who are you targeting

Before you can even begin to develop a lead management system you have to first understand who you are going to be calling. By that I mean, who is your target audience? Who are you trying to market to? Once you have established this, you can determine which personas make up the perfect lead for your services or products. Learning who your ideal prospects are and how they normally find you will help you better determine the way in which you go about prospecting your leads.


Job number Two: Who are you calling?

Once you have extended your sales cycle by including and analysing who your ideal leads are, you need to determine where they came from. This information needs to be available when the first call is made. An effective way to do this is by including a lead-capture form on eBooks, free quotes and contact forms. You can also use google analytics to determine where the first point of contact was which should help the sales team in their calls to prospects. For example, if the lead came from a blog post they can mention that in the conversation. This step also helps the marketing team understand what works best in their advertising strategy.


Job number Three: Ranking your leads

Before making any steps to contact prospects, you have to determine which leads are most likely to convert, which are not and then prioritize them according to that ranking. This strategy varies from business to business depending on what you look for in a lead — factors to consider usually include behaviour, demographics and recent activity. Lead ranking is an important part of the lead management system because it determines which leads are likely to convert and who to call first. According to Velocify’s survey, prospects who received a call within one minute of inquiring are 391% more likely to convert! Thus, showing how important an efficient lead management system is.


Job number Four: Who to call and When to wait  

The information you found in your lead capture or request form is invaluable to this step in the lead management system. If a lead has come from a request quote form, that lead will convert over a lead from a downloaded eBook. Leads from here should be passed straight on to the sales team, other leads may need more time to learn about your product or service before you pass them on — in other words they need to be nurtured further before they can be sent to sales.


Job number Five: Make the call!

Now that everything is in order, you can send off the leads to the sales team who can start making calls. The sales team will most likely have their own method for contacting leads, but it should include: doing some research on the prospect and calling at a time that is likely to be convenient. Any valuable information the marketing team picked up in the capture form should be passed on as well.


Job number Six: Monitor Conversions

This last step is crucial to the development of the lead management system. It is important to track which leads converted so in the future you can send more leads that are of a similar nature to the sales team earlier and filter them through the system quicker.


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