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Blog traffic to leads
Blog traffic to leads

3 ways to convert blog traffic to leads

When someone ends up on your website, whether it is through social media, a search engine or an email, you have to give them a reason to stay there. This means that you need to be posting high quality, relevant material your potential clients will find interesting. In order to successfully convert blog traffic to leads, you need to make sure that visitors keep coming back to the website. Content is created for a purpose which is ultimately to build relationships with people and bring about sales. If you are struggling to generate leads from your blog, have a look at the three things we recommend you do to successfully convert your blog traffic into leads.

A Call-to-action (CTA) button

Getting people to your website or your blog is the first step to acquiring leads. However, once they are there you have to tell them to stay, otherwise they will read your excellent post and then leave because you never asked them to read more or “sign up”. You need a CTA button like “subscribe here”, “get a quote” or “click to download” for example. These call-to-actions tell potential clients you want them to stay and that you can assist them with what they need.  When someone clicks that CTA, they are asked to fill in their personal information. You can use these details to give them a call or send an email to ask if they require your services and how you can help them. If you don’t tell visitors to stay they won’t — always use a CTA in your blog posts.


Email subscribers

Using your blog to generate an email list is another effective way to convert readers into clients. You can do this using the CTA I mentioned above, by asking visitors to subscribe to the blog, or you can use pop up ads, side bar forms or a form at the end of a post. Either way once the form is filled in, these visitors then become subscribers so whenever you post, they will receive an email. As a result, you keep adding value to these prospects which increases the probability of them contacting you and becoming a client. However, this is not the main reason why email marketing is so successful. You can use this email list to promote incentives like a free quote or a new E-book that you have on offer, for example. However, it is not wise to start sending multiple emails until these visitors have been on the list for at least two posts as it can feel like their personal information is being abused and they will unsubscribe. Bide your time, nurture your leads and ensure your company follows an effective lead management system. You can use a campaign email marketing system to send bulk emails, Woodpecker and Drip are excellent tools to utilize. 


Videos and Webinars

Including some form of video content to work with or alongside your blog posts is another effective way to increase blog traffic and convert readers to leads. These formats make it easier for users to engage with your brand without having to put in much effort. How-to-videos and explanation webinars that offer a free trial or a subscribe button at the end of the video is another form of content that keeps your audience interested. Also, the people that sign up for webinars are much more likely to convert than those who simply read your blog. According to Readytalk, on average around 30% of people who watched a webinar converted to leads. Visual content is certainly not to be ignored in the blogging game.


These methods all work together in the sales funnel to generate leads from your blog traffic that develop your readers into leads and then (hopefully) clients! If you enjoyed this post, then please click subscribe and we will keep you up to date on all the latest trends in lead generation.


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