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sales advice
sales advice

4 pieces of sales advice everyone in your sales team should know

Every sales person has their own techniques and strategies for how they go about helping prospects, being more productive and making and closing deals. Usually these tactics have been passed on from managers, articles or sales team leaders and then adapted by each sales person to suit their personality and the prospect in question. There are so many different ways to approach sales but here is some sales advice that we think every sales person should add to their list if they haven’t done so already!

Ask questions and find out exactly what the prospect wants

Before getting into what your company has to offer, first find out what the prospects needs are and then try to figure how you can provide that service. Sean McPheat who is said to be one of the pre-eminent leaders on modern day selling' says, “prescription before diagnosis is malpractice.” Ask first, adjust your services to the task accordingly, and you are more likely to make the sale.


Be an expert in what you have to offer

You need to know and understand everything about your product or the service that you are selling. People want to know exactly what service you can provide them with, so they can determine whether it’s worth it for them to invest their money into your business. According to HubSpot, over half of prospects want to actually see how the product works and six out of ten buyers want to discuss price all in the first call. Therefore, it is essential that you know the facts and are able to present potential clients with evidence to support your claims. Your prospects will appreciate that you have taken the time to know all the ins and outs of the product and service. However, keep in mind that if you do not know something, do not try and pretend you do, tell the prospect you will find out about it follow up with an email.


Be excited

You cannot replace passion when it comes to sales. People respond to enthusiasm, fervour and energy because it is infectious. Clients are drawn to happiness and they are more likely to be interested in your product if you share your passion with them. Think about something you are passionate about or interested in and how much you enjoy sharing that with others. The concept is the same in sales.


Lastly, try to think like the prospect

If you were the prospect, how would you like to be spoken to and sold to. Try to see things from their perspective. By understanding what their needs are and what their objections might be, means you come across as more empathetic and you are more likely to make the sale. Knowing about your potential clients likes, dislikes, needs and wants is key to closing deals and making sales.


There are plenty of other strategies you can employ and that you need to consider like:

-       Calling prospects at the optimum time when they are most likely to be more responsive to what you are selling;

-       Being persistent and following up;

-       Being patient and resilient;

-       And developing a personal connection with the prospect.  


If you hadn’t already received this advice on sales, then definitely add them to your list and if you have any pieces of advice for us please get in touch and we can add it to ours. Click the subscribe button to keep updated on all things lead generation.


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