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sales habits
sales habits

8 habits of successful salesmen and women

Being a great salesperson is tough, it takes huge dedication and consistency. However, there are a few things you can do to become the best salesperson on your team – we call them habits.

1.        Know your prospects product

The number one habit you need to get into is knowing your prospects product. It is much easier to sell your product to someone if you know how it fits in with their business. Often the prospect will need some convincing and that is where your knowledge of their service will help you win them over. Make it a habit to do your research and learn about the prospects company.


2.        Know your product

The second best habit you can practice is to know your own product or service inside out. Prospects and customers appreciate it when the person they are speaking with has all the answers, it boosts their confidence in you and the product you are selling. However, if you are unsure of something, do not lie or make something up. Get into the habit of doing the research and if you do not have the answers get back the prospect with the correct information as soon as possible. Make knowledge and honesty your priority.


3.        Keep your Emotions in check

In sales it is absolutely essential that you make a habit of keeping yourself, your personal opinions and your feelings in check. Understand that while you know all the ins and outs of the product, your prospect may not, and while it can get frustrating explaining the same self-explanatory thing over and over again, remaining calm and kind will get you far more sales and a better reputation then getting impatient and irritated will. The same goes for clients who are angry with you or upset with something to do with your service, staying calm and collected helps them feel reassured that you have everything under control. Make it a habit to keep calm, you can always vent after the call is over.


4.        Follow up

It is so important to make a habit of following up with people. If you meet someone at a conference, follow up with an email or call depending on the encounter, if someone requests a quote, follow up as soon as possible. People are busy and if you wait too long, by the time as you check in with them, they may have forgotten about your conversation or worse found someone else to do the job!


5.        Keep it Personal and build a relationship

Get into the habit of making your clients and prospects feel important – like they are the only person you are phoning that day. People love to talk about themselves and they are more likely to do business with you if they feel good when chatting to you. If people no longer feel like they are just a sale and they feel like there is a bond or a connection with you, they are more likely to work with you. Make a habit of building relationships and as a result you will close more deals.


6.        Take breaks

In order to work and sell effectively it is essential that you make taking breaks a habit and a priority. Especially, when you have been on a difficult call, you need to give yourself some time to move past that call and get into the right frame of mind again. Have a cup of coffee (or a cigarette), take a walk, reply to some emails or browse through LinkedIn. Whatever it is, make sure you take some time to yourself before and after each call.


7.        Look out for potential customers

Make a habit of finding prospects everywhere. If you’re at coffee with a friend and they mention that their business is struggling with X and your company can offer that service, ask for the relevant departments details and give them a call. You definitely do not have to take your work home or out with you but certainly keep an ear open for potential business opportunities. You will be surprised at how many are out there.  


8.        Believe in what you’re selling

You have to love your product or service and believe that it is the best out there. Unfortunately, it is very easy to see when someone is not confident in their services so if you don’t love your product and you don’t want to find a new job, you need to learn to love or at least like your product enough to sell it.


That’s about it but our last tip to turn into a habit is to always be prepared. Get into the habit of looking up your prospects on LinkedIn and knowing a bit about what they do. It goes a long way to showing them that you actually want to help them succeed as opposed to just getting yourself a sale.



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