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How to connect better with your prospects

It is a sales tale as old as time, you need to connect with your prospects, your prospects need to be able to trust you, you need to have some form of relationship with your prospects and so on and so forth. But, how do you do that? How do you create genuine relationships with people you want to work with? We did the research and here are some of the things you can do to connect better with your prospects. 

Be passionate but not overly enthusiastic

“Hi, how are you this fine day? I am from X company and I cannot wait to tell you how we can help your business grow!” We have all received at least one sale a call like this and immediately you wonder if you should put the phone down. It is not normal for people to be that excited and it makes prospects question whether or not they are being scammed. We’re not saying that it’s wrong to be enthusiastic, but we are saying that you need to make sure you sound genuine. Practice saying your opening line and if it sounds overly eager or slightly louder than your normal tone, try lowering your voice and speaking as though you were having a conversation. When you sound overly polished you don’t sound sincere and your prospects will pick up on that. Be passionate and genuine.


It’s all about the Prospect

You may have done your research on the prospect (which you should have) and you may also already know what it is that they do and how your business can assist them in that endeavor. However, you should still be asking the prospect what their needs are and listening to what they have to say about what they might want from you. Sales people often make the mistake of focusing on their products and their services rather than listening to the prospect and focusing on their company. Give your full attention to the prospects company, their problems, their triumphs and in doing so you will gain the trust, in time they will ask how your company can assist and that’s when you can explain exactly how you can work with them to better their business.


Speak less

This is one of the simplest sales calls and prospecting “rules” in theory and yet it is one of the most difficult to follow through with in practice. This is because you want to talk about your product or service to convince the prospect of its value. Let your prospect talk, ask them about themselves, about their day, about their challenges. You will have plenty of time in meetings come where you can talk about your service and by then you will have gained the prospects trust and they will be happier to listen.


Offer value and Knowledge

While you should not be speaking as much as your prospect, that does not mean that you shouldn’t be speaking at all. Do some research about the latest trends in your prospects industry and how that ties into your field of expertise, then share these trends with them. Use a transitional question that gets your prospect talking about their challenges and then you can mention how you have helped other people in their situation. Try not to jump ahead and speak about your accomplishments before you know what their challenges are. Every company is different, and it is important to make your prospect feel like they will be treated differently to your other clients.


Hopefully these tips will help you in your quest to build relationships with more prospects and that more of your prospects become clients! Happy prospecting and please click subscribe if you want to be updated on all the latest trends in lead generation.


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