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Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity

How to Increase Sales Productivity

Sales productivity is essential to all businesses, if you’re not selling your service or product, you’re losing money and if you keep under selling, your business is doomed to fail. When the sales team is not achieving their goals, or they are spending time on tasks not related to sales, managers need to get involved and help the team put things in place so that productivity increases. Here are our tips on how to increases sales productivity:

1. Bring in the experts

In order to increase sales productivity, your sales team needs to have synergy and the best way to create that synergy is by developing your team through expert training and teambuilding exercises that encourage productivity. Bringing in someone who can show your team how to work together and individually as well as how to structure their days for maximum productivity will not only increase their work rate but also promote work relationships that make for a happier office environment. Investing in your employees in this way keeps them happy, makes them want to stay with your company and ensures that your sales team works to their full potential! It’s a win win win for everyone.


2. Group like tasks

Multitasking is inefficient when it requires your brain to consistently change gears when working in these different areas. In this case, we recommend you group similar tasks together, make phone calls in a certain time period and only turn to check your emails and send follow up emails once you have made your calls. Bouncing between the two to three tasks is unproductive, it breaks your concentration and it hinders your ability to do all tasks to the best of your abilities because they require different skill sets. Make sure you set out times to do different jobs so that your office and your sales team have a routine and work in synergy.


3. Make meetings more efficient

Often meetings are scheduled ahead of time and we fall into the routine of having them weekly or daily regardless of whether we actually need them. Meetings are an important part of making contact with the sales team, seeing where you are at and discussing where the company is going, however, if the sale steam have been performing well and there is not set topic of discussion for the scheduled meeting, cancel it and carry on with work. Meetings can be big time wasters if not run efficiently and with a purpose in mind at the start. Get your sales team to send their notes before the meeting so you can discuss the most important matters and get back to work as soon as possible. Having shorter meetings takes less time out of your sales teams’ day and they can get straight into their routine and the company can function better as a whole.


4. Are sales and Marketing working together?

For your sales team to work efficiently, they need to coordinate with the marketing team. They need to know what the other one is doing otherwise the company as well as the sales team cannot function effectively. For the sales team to work productively there needs to be a strong relationship with the marketing team. For example, if the marketing team start a promotion and the sales call volume increases and the sales team were unaware of the marketing strategy, they would be unprepared for the increase in calls or emails and clients and prospects would be left with an unattractive opinion of the company. The sales team need to know what is happening in marketing so that they can adapt and in turn be more productive.


5. Always show your gratitude

Always always always show appreciation for a job well done, people like to know that their work is valued and taken note of. Incentives and motivation are an excellent way to ensure that the sales team are as productive as possible – bonuses, gift vouchers and holidays are all viable ways to show appreciation for hard work and increase motivation for the sales team to do their best.


Lastly, you need to develop a system where you can measure your sales team’s productivity, so you can see when it is increasing or decreasing. Leads engaged and conversions are both effective ways on doing this, but we will talk more about that next week! Click subscribe so stay in loop on all things lead generation.


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