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Conversion Content
Conversion Content

How to make Conversion-orientated Content

Conversion-orientated contents sounds exactly like seems: content that is constructed in a way that drives conversions. It gets consumers to take action by turning visitors to leads and leads into clients and then gets clients to give reviews which in turn creates more conversion-orientated content to get more visitors and so on and so forth. However, there is a catch, this conversion-orientated content is not always easy to create so we came up with some tips to help you do it:

1. Action words / Powerful

Words are extremely powerful - they paint the way you see things. This is why it is essential that you use strong powerful action words in order to create conversion orientated content. According to buffer, in an experiment conducted on the description of a car accident, researchers found that the words used painted the way witnesses viewed the event. Using the words “came into contact” or the word “smashed” portrayed two very different events. The kind of words you use determine whether people visit your site, whether they decide to subscribe sign up or get a quote and whether they become clients. Use profound, remarkable and effective words.


2. Stick to the point

What is the attention span of the average person? Statistics differ on this, according to Microsoft its 8 seconds but people do argue and differ on this debate. Never the less, you should still try and capture your readers attention immediately! Give away most of the information in the first part of the article. This is the 5 W’s – the Who What When Where and Why. This way you give visitors the chance to see what it is that you do without making them dig into the post to find it. The general information and other details pertaining to the article come later so if the visitor has time and is intrigued by your opening, they can continue reading but you need to ensure that if they do not have the time, they get the information quickly and succinctly.


3. Visuals over lots of text
Use colour and images in your content. According to Megaphone, people will make a subconscious decision within 90 seconds of viewing an image and within that judgment, between 62%-90% is based on colours. If you want to emphasize something, use images, visuals and colours rather than text. Colour evokes emotional responses that are both positive and negative, either way, emotions make people remember what they saw and when they saw it. This is effective with conversion-orientated content because it ensures that visitors remember who you are even if they choose not to work with you right now. This is why strong visual images are imperative when trying to make a point.


4. Guide the reader

Use questions. Sub headings, infographics and any other tools you have at your disposal to help guide your visitors around your article. Questions work exceptionally well in conversion orientated content because by asking a question you provoke a response and already you have started a conversation which can (should) make a visitor become a lead and lead become a conversion! Catchy headings and sub-headings work in the same way, especially if you ask a question in the title and answer it in the article.


5. Write simply and clearly

Keep your sentences clear and concise, using complicated words and long-winded sentences is not the way to captivate your visitor’s attention. You want all audiences and ages to be able to understand what it is that you do. The more people that know who you are and what you do the better. Conversion-orientated content should be focused on your target market audience, but other people should be able to understand it so that if they stumble across it they can pass on the information to those that are.


6. Use known references

Using authority figures and people who have excelled in life or worked in the industry for a long time gives your content credibility. Quotes from Richard Branson for #Mondaymotivation posts are effective because he has been successful so people like the content. Society seems to defer to someone who seems like they know what is going on and we tend to trust their judgement on things because they have done pretty well. In conversion orientated content we can use this to get more visitors to become leads because it makes it seem like we know what we are doing.


We hope this helps you on your journey to more conversions but if not, please get in touch with us by emailing and we’ll get you the leads you need.


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