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Marketing tips
Marketing tips

Marketing tips to boost your Sales

In the digital world, there are many ways to market your services or product and all of them work but not all of them will work for your business. Marketing works best when the marketer is always trying and testing new things to find out what works, which new trends suit the business model and when to stop using old practices. But, where do you start experimenting? We looked at what some of the experts have said to guide us on our ever-changing marketing processes. 

Personalised Interactions

American writer and self-improvement coach, Dale Carnegie said that, “a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” This is why companies should make an effort to try and personalise emails, tweets, LinkedIn messages – everything. According to Stuart Ridge, Chief Marketing officer at VitaMedica, one of the most effective ways to retain customers and make connections with your leads is by personalising your interactions. This advice stands true across the board, do not use the same automated responses on social media, respond with attention to detail and use their name. This way the person is sure they are not speaking with a bot but to an actual person and that they are being given the attention they deserve.


Brand Visuals

Creativity encourages engagement and engagement encourages sales. This is where your brands visual strategy comes into play. You need to ensure that people can see that they are dealing with your company instantly. This is done by staying true to company colours and the brands overall tone and style. Head of Creative Services at Prezi, David Hooker, says that attention is one of the most important things in marketing, both getting it and being able to keep it. Hooker believes that, “Arresting, powerful visuals are your key to capturing people’s attention..”


Data data and more data

Data is a sure-fire way to improve your marketing processes. It assists you in ascertaining where the weaknesses are and improving those areas as well as determining where your marketing is succeeding and how to keep it that way. Kirill Eremenko, the founder and CEO of SuperDataScience states that “the most powerful data scientists are those who act as bridges between insights and people.” Meaning that we need to use data to our advantage by using the numbers to see if our audiences are happy. If they are not we need to change the way we market until we can see that our strategies are working well, our prospects, consumers and customers are delighted, excited and content with what we are putting out there.  


Consistency is still key

According to Editor in Chief at SELF, Carolyn Kylstra, says that, “consistency is key to {our} success.” They found that this worked best for their marketing strategy. By this we are not saying you shouldn’t be experimenting with your marketing efforts, but we are saying that you should be consistent in your responses, in the effort you put into your marketing, in the amount of times you post on social media and more. People need to trust your brand and your company is more trust worthy when it is consistently working hard to ensure its customers and prospects are given the very best service.


It’s up to you now to start experimenting with the trends you use and the marketing techniques that you think could work better for your brand and if these tips don’t bring in the sales then get in touch with us at and we’ll help you get those leads.


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