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Marketing Trends
Marketing Trends

6 Marketing Trends For 2019

We cannot believe we are already coming around to the new year! Time flies when you’re having fun and at Kobi we have a fantastically fun work hard, play hard philosophy with our colleagues and our clients! With the new year brings exciting fresh marketing trends for you to try in 2019. The digital stratosphere is extremely fast-paced, and technology is always expanding, growing and advancing which means that what worked this year may not work next year. We have done the research so that we and YOU can stay ahead of the game!

Reviews and/or positive social media feedback

Plenty of companies in 2018 have started sharing their positive reviews online as a way to build trust in their brand and so potential clients can see what they are dealing with. Huge corporations like and TripAdvisor have done extremely well because prospects can read for themselves how reliable your accommodation or activity is likely to be. Facebook also offers this feature and according to Dixa, 97% of people have said that customer reviews contribute largely to decision making. Having a great service, being attentive and paying personal attention to your consumers should lead to awesome reviews and more prospects and customers in 2019!


The rise of AI and chatbots

9-5 seems to be a thing of the past as consumers expect to be able to contact businesses 24/7 which is where AI and chatbots have come into play. They offer round the clock services and are becoming increasingly intelligent and as such more useful in businesses. This way and questions clients or prospects have can be answered (depending on the question) in matter of minutes at any time of day or night. Investing in a well programmed, scripted chatbot can assist you with solving the smaller issues especially when you are busy or not around to answer. This means clients and leads are assisted in real-time – even if the bot assures them when you will be back online to solve the problem! If you’re interested in finding out more about chatbots and AI, please see another one of our posts here.


Video, video video?

With the rise of video in 2018 – we have to ask the question, are all other forms of content dead? Not exactly, but video is predicted to cover 82% of online content in 2020 according to Cisco. What this means is that you need to make video-based content a priority if you have not done so already. Having other content like infographics and images and ebooks are also excellent just so long as you have incorporated more videos into the content plan for 2019!


Real time content

Real time is so important for todays consumer. If you are at an event, they want to know what it is for, to be able to see where you are and what you are doing during the event on social media. Again, after the event, customers want to be able to go through albums and video compilations. It gives consumers insight into what your company is like and if they like working with your brand and what it stands for. People want to see what you do daily, monthly and yearly – include real time content in your 2019 marketing strategy and see both your relationships and brand soar. 



Gamification also comes into live streaming and personalisation. Gamification is the application of game playing in an environment not usually associated with it. This is used to keep clients, consumers and prospects intrigued in your business and to have some fun with it. With these live streams at events or albums of the event you can have a contest where the client or prospect who finds a certain item in the pictures or remembers what was said in the live stream gets a discount on their next purchase. This way your audience is more invested in what you are doing because it has the potential to benefit them. Have more FUN in your marketing plan in 2019 with gamification.


We hope these simple steps help you while you plan your 2019 marketing strategies! If you need more leads now and you cannot wait till next year – please email us at !


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