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SEO and content marketing
SEO and content marketing

How SEO can improve your content marketing plan

Search Engine Optimization is an essential to any digital content plan, however, it takes really great content to get your SEO rankings working at their maximum efficiency. General content won’t get you where you need to go, you have to incorporate SEO into your content plan to get them to work together, so here are a couple things you can do to manage your SEO efforts and at the same time better your content plan.

SEO and content marketing work together

SEO and content marketing are treated as separate entities when in fact they should be viewed as a perfect pair. Like peanut butter and jelly or Batman and Robin, these two make a great team. The only way to have successful content marketing is to make use of SEO. You should be viewing them like a Venn diagram - they have many areas that overlap. Rand Fishkin says, “Better content is outweighing more content.” Which highlights the shift in SEO which requires you have less content that is of a higher quality, than more which is of a lower quality. In past years, companies who posted more content were given higher rankings whereas now, articles that are well written and on different topics are given a better rank on Google, even though there are less of them. Once again highlighting how SEO and content marketing are a part of one another and cannot succeed alone. If you are not aware of what is happening with SEO, you cannot begin to plan your content.


Content is king because SEO wants it to be

You need words, links, tags, keywords etc to get SEO to work. The very essence of SEO is content, so it should make sense that they work together. Jill Whalen asserts that maintaining your SEO is an investment, saying, “Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” In other words, your content only works if you keep track of what SEO is doing, so you have to pay attention to SEO when structuring your content marketing plan so that it can be KING.


They are so intertwined!

-       SEO has certain criteria it needs met and content marketing, if done well, meets those criteria to make your website rank higher and allows more people to visit.

-       However, if the SEO is good and the content is bad then people who arrive at your site will leave. If the SEO is bad and the content is good no one will see it anyway because they won’t find you.

-       Either way the result is bad for your business, unless you plan for them to work together.


You need linkbacks

SEO requires linkbacks for better rankings, good content marketing allows this. However, you do not get linkbacks unless you content is worth linking-back to which is again apart of the SEO and content marketing circle of life. Other companies will not link to you if your content is low quality but luckily, thanks to SEO if you want it to rank (again) it has to be of a high standard. So, if you have not started linking back to other companies with content that is relevant to your business, you should!


Ultimately, if you are a content marketer, you are involved with SEO as-well because the two are intrinsically entwined and unless you treat them as such neither one of these two campaigns will function effectively. And we all want conversions, so we wish you well on your SEO and content marketing planning for 2019!



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