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Lead Magnet Ideas
Lead Magnet Ideas

Lead Magnet Ideas to Capture More Prospects

Magnets are a compelling technique that have been used to gain potential clients contact details. As a marketing method, they sound wonderful, don’t they? They are; however, the only downside is that they take time to be produced. Magnets come in the form of eBooks, podcasts and contests and in this article, we outline what lead magnets you can try in 2019 using less of your marketing teams time and energy!

What is a lead magnet?
First things first, what is a lead magnet? Well, where a normal magnet attracts other metals, a lead magnet attempts to attract new prospects and get them to leave behind their contact details.

Ebook – the short version

An eBook is a time-consuming marketing magnet and while it does encourage consumers to give their details for the information – a shorter eBook will do just the same, provided that the information is worth it! This can be comprised of multiple valuable contributions that have less explanation on each topic than a longer one on only one aspect in detail. This kind of eBook is often seen as a better asset because it makes your users lives easier. All they have to do is read the short descriptions to get a clear idea of what it is they have to do to succeed. Lead magnets are comprised of an attractive offer and an instant reward, this short version eBook does just that and you are sure to get more prospects from this fun and time savvy magnet.


Make a checklist PDF to download

Old bullet point, step-by-step blog posts are excellent resources for this kind of lead magnet! Of course, you will need to check that the information is still pertinent to your checklist and update any new check that may have come about. Once you have gathered and checked the information you can break it down into a checklist that is useful for people in your industry, something like, the ultimate checklist for preparing to go to a conference. Going that extra mile and compiling it into a PDF that people can then print makes your company look professional and means users are more likely to give you their details.


A short webinar

If your marketing team has been doing a lot of research on a given trend or topic you can be sure that there are other people and prospects interested in what you are learning about and this makes for an excellent lead magnet! Have two employees from your marketing team set up a short PowerPoint on the subject and chat about the most important points through a live video stream. Facebook has made this process even easier with its live feature. However, do not forget to market the event beforehand so you get some people actually watching when you go live!


Free trials /contests/ discounts

Last but not least is the free trial, discount or contest lead magnet! In recent years this has been a lead magnet winner. People love free stuff, specials and generally the idea that they have been given a DEAL! One of the ways you can do this is to offer your site users a freebie of some sort if they sign up to your newsletter. The consumer will consider giving you their details in exchange for a discount. This way you know that the prospect is interested because they signed up to get a discount from your business specifically.


An if all else fails, please get in touch with us at Kobi Digital and as always, we will be happy to assist you with any lead generation requirements that you may have!


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