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lead generation challenges
lead generation challenges

4 lead generation challenges (and how to overcome them)

Lead generation is a tricky business (we should know) and unfortunately, there are times where it just does not work. The offer has to grab hold of you consumers attention in order to obtain leads and prospects. There are many challenges to acquiring leads no matter how you go about getting them and, in this article, we outline what some of those are and how you can overcome them.

1. Having enough people who can generate leads / Having appropriate skills/knowledge among people charged with generating leads

2. Funding lead generation activities
3. Providing relevant and valuable content to potential leads
4. Implementing an agreed-upon plan / Agreeing internally on which lead generation strategies to use
(RAIN group)


Why is getting (quality) leads so hard? It takes time, effort and money to achieve these leads and often people are not willing to do all of those things and that’s when the quality of the lead decreases, here’s how to overcome the challenges we mentioned:


1.     Investing in the right employees or business is essential to lead generation, if you do not, it will become one of your biggest challenges. As the people you hired to generate leads bring those leads in you will need more staff to handle them. It is a double-edged sword.

In order to solve this problem and challenge to lead generation, you can hire a lead generation company (like Kobi Digital) to gather and collect the very best leads for you and or your company. That way you know they are experts in the business, they have experience getting the leads and usually already have a system in place to get the leads. All you have to do is wait for them to come in! Advantage: if you are unhappy with the standard, you can go elsewhere rather than have to bring in new employees each time.


2.     Cost is always a consideration when it comes to anything in business. Like all other departments and spheres of business, you need to have a budget for lead generation. This differs depending on how you choose to execute your lead generation strategy, being that a lead generation company will charge you a fee. However, it is important to remember that there are many ways of gaining leads and depending on the company, they may not offer leads in the form of social media or otherwise. Therefore, you need to work out whether to hire a 360 degree lead generation company that meets all your needs or to hire a company to generate leads and a social media manager to create conversion orientated content for your social media channels etc etc. Usually, the budget you have set will determine which road you embark on. Remember: you get what you pay for.


3.     Valuable and reliable content are essential to any lead generation strategy whether using affiliate marketing strategies, social media, email or flyers, it has to mean something to your target audience or it will not bring in the leads you need. How to overcome this challenge. Define who your target audience is, research their habits online and otherwise, develop a strategy that meets those results. Again, if your marketing team comes up with who your target market is then you will need to relay that information to whoever gathers leads for your business in other spheres as well like a lead generation company and vice versa. That way everyone is on the same page and the brand is consistent in its content strategy and consumers can identify and trust the brand.


4.     This step determines how you handle most of the above. If you are a new company, just starting out, you will most likely have to choose your strategy based on how others like you have handled lead generation and go on trial and error till you learn what works best for you. If you are a well-established company then a great way to determine what your strategy should be is to measure what has (and has not) worked in the past and go from there. However, try not to get caught in a rut, the landscape of lead generation is always changing so keep up with those new terrains and adapt as needed. NB: ensure that once you decide on a strategy (even if you change it slightly) you let everyone know what those changes are and what the game plan moving forward will be.


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