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leads for less
leads for less

Generate more leads for less!

Everyone needs leads, without them your business cannot survive, but wouldn’t you love to get more leads for less? If your answer is yes, then this blog post will definitely be of use to you!

Rule Number One: Build a value machine for a long-term solution

You need to ensure that you are consistently adding value to your clients and to your prospective customers. How do you do that? By developing a framework (early on) that is geared to generate interest that adds value to consumers lives. This can be in the form of a blog pots, webinar, video, ebook or infographic. Doing this once or twice a month is not going to break the bank and you can outsource the work so it’s not an exorbitant cost on the company.


Rule Number Two: Build to get buyers not just leads

This refers to those freebies many people and businesses put out to generate leads. Unfortunately, these are only successful if the freebie is related to your business. The reason being that when you offer something of value (for free) that has no relevance to your business you will generate leads, but the chances of them converting are significantly reduced. So, when you build a lead generation form with a freebie attached ensure that it is geared towards getting you buyers by giving away something that directly relates to your business, so your leads are of a higher quality. Giving away something your company already does to get leads is a relatively low cost to take on especially if it leads to more business. For example, offering a free consult is an excellent way to ensure you get quality leads.


Rule Number Three: Social media is key

Social media is certainly an effective way to generate more leads for less money. LinkedIn in particular has added value in this case as it is geared towards businesses and business progress. There are plenty of ways to generate leads on these platforms: one of the most effective being direct messaging which is similar to col calling. The best part is that it costs nothing and if you have done your research properly the account/person/page you reach out to should be interested in the service you offer and is likely to convert. However, this method can be time consuming so it may be in your best interests to boost posts to reach your target audience (the cost of which is up to your discretion).


Rule Number Four: Don’t discount word of mouth

Never underestimate the power of people, contacts and having a good network. The best references you will get are usually through word of mouth. Ask your existing clients, colleagues and friends if they know of anyone looking for your services, sign up for networking events and when you go to a conference make the most of it! This is a smart and effective way of generating leads for your business that are of a high quality and that are (very) budget friendly.



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