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Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Content Marketing tips you should be using in 2019

Everyone knows that content is key but not everyone knows the tips and tricks that make it successful. Anyone can post attractive content online that gets views but not everyone can post content that generates leads and conversions. This article will help you do that.

1.     Is your content clear?

Content marketing can only work if you know what you’re trying to achieve, and that achievement has to be measurable. This is difficult when there are so many different ways of creating content from eBooks to Instagram stories to Twitter polls, blogs and podcasts. Never the less it is essential; that each of these things meets your content marketing strategy and that it is measurable in terms of your short- and long-term goals. Therefore you need to have goals for your content (just getting views cannot be the only goal): identify who your target audience is, how does your content tie back to your business and you need to ensure you have the analytics to check that you met your goals. So, make sure your content is curated with a plan and a goal in mind not just to look good (although it should look good).


2.     Do you understand your buyers’ journey?

Your strategy is contingent on the buyer and their journey through your sales funnel. You need to engage the viewer at all pints. Content is initially used to draw in the consumer, its job later is to encourage hesitant users to purchase whatever it is that you are selling. This also promotes customer loyalty and retention.


3.     Do you track your performance?

Content marketing cannot be successful without analytics. If your visitors and viewers from your content don’t convert to customers, you need to change it up. While getting views is important, converting those leads to clients is more important. This is why analytics is important, so you can check what is working and what isn’t and change it to get your visitors to convert using better content marketing strategies.


4.     Are you reusing old content?

To create really great, successful engaging content, you have to spend time on it. If you have a high performing, successful post/eBook/podcast it would certainly be worth your time to use it again. However, this does not mean use it in the same way again, it simply means to find a way to repurpose the content in such a way that you retain the message, meet your target audiences’ desires without anyone realizing what you have done. Your audience will get more than one chance to see your excellent content and those that have a chance to convert if they didn’t before.


5.     Is your voice consistent?

From Twitter to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc your brand needs to be consistent. People who see your content across any sphere of the digital map needs to be able to tell instantly that what they are looking at comes from you brand. This breeds trust and helps your sales funnel work more effectively to get users to convert to clients.


These tips and tricks of the content marketing trade should help you bring in the leads but if not email for more help – we wont let you down.




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