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Exclusive Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation is an ideal way to target your ideal audience with your own survey campaign. For the hottest leads, the richest data and the best conversion rates.

Your own branding throughout
The hottest leads
For your exclusive use
Full legal compliance
Delivered by API or CSV



Exclusive Lead Generation unearths the ultimate in ‘hot’ leads through branded online campaigns precisely tuned for your target audience.

The Hottest Leads, Just For You

Exclusive Lead Generation is our top-tier service. We create tailor-made branded campaigns to identify prospects and dig deeper into their profiles. By conducting a custom survey just for you, we razor-target the highest quality leads with the greatest potential for conversion.


Exclusive leads are generated through your own individual sweepstakes campaign, where participants are asked to provide answers about their general interests, lifestyle and specific interest in your company or product. We customize the media buy to use the channels that work best for your product and your target audience. We A/B test throughout your campaign to optimize response rates.


All our leads are opted-in through online collection pages — both mobile and desktop — then verified by our unique data-cleansing system. To boost your contact rate, we confirm address, email and telephone credentials before delivering your leads via API straight into your CRM system, ready for conversion.

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